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Student LionCage is Back at the Great Valley Launchbox!

This year we are mixing things up a bit to give students of all interests the most well rounded and educational experience as possible. This is a low pressure, not scary, fun educational event.

The purpose of Student LionCage is to expose students to the world of entrepreneurial thinking. While we might think that an “entrepreneur” is something that starts their own company, the truth is entrepreneurial thinking is everywhere. Not only is it everywhere, it is a very highly sought after skill.

With Student LionCage the purpose is not to start a company. While this will certainly help expose you to the aspects and thought process behind starting a company, it will also help you apply your knowledge in an entrepreneurial way.

When you apply to student LionCage you are not starting a company. You are identifying a project that you think solves a market need. You are walking through a guided process of putting together a solution for that problem and how you would bring that to market. The event and the coaching event prior to the pitch day event are there to help educate and inspire you see the full problem and address it in a way that resonates. Plus it’s a great resume builder!

The Student LionCage event has 2 key participation events:
Wed March 23rd 3:00 – 5:30 Coaching Event
Wed March 30th 3:00 – 5:30 Pitch Competition
Both of these are required.

Registration is required. ClICK HERE TO REGISTER